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Information on Spyware/Adware Program
[ Information on Spyware/Adware Program ]

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Science @ NASA
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Planet Mars

Information on the Planet Mars, also known as the Red Planet.

You will also find information on Spyware, Adware, AntiVirus programs and some information on Consumer Privacy.

Mars, Here We Come! Congress Approves $19 Billion NASA Budget
Information on the Planet Mars and Space Congress passed a vital NASA authorization bill late Wednesday, paving the way for an extra space shuttle flight next year and a new human spaceflight plan that takes aim at missions to an asteroid -- and ultimately even to Mars.

More at http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/09/30/mars-asteroid-congress-approves-nasa-budget/
Posted by eddiew on Thursday, September 30 @ 08:20:27 CDT (12784 reads)
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Astronomers Discover 'Class M' Planet
Information on the Planet Mars and Space Researchers have discovered a planet they believe is capable of supporting humanoid-like life. The celestial body, known as GJ 581g, has a climate that's not too dissimilar from that found on Earth, according to scientists at the Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey.
"The estimated equilibrium temperature of GJ 581g, is 228 K, placing it squarely in the middle of the habitable zone of the star and offering a very compelling case for a potentially habitable planet around a very nearby star," the researchers said in a paper submitted to The Astrophysical Journal.

Get more at http://www.informationweek.com/news/global-cio/trends/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=227501036
Posted by eddiew on Thursday, September 30 @ 08:06:37 CDT (12022 reads)
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Solar Storms can Change Directions, Surprising Forecasters
Information on the Planet Mars and Space Researchers using data from NASA's STEREO spacecraft have found that solar storms don't always travel in a straight line. This adds a surprising new twist to the science of space weather forecasting.

Posted by eddiew on Tuesday, September 21 @ 16:46:03 CDT (13556 reads)
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Amateur Astronomers Are First To Detect Objects Impacting Jupiter
Information on the Planet Mars and Space Amateur astronomers using backyard telescopes were the first to detect two small objects that burned up in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

“Jupiter is a big gravitational vacuum cleaner,” said Glenn Orton


Posted by eddiew on Monday, September 20 @ 14:50:33 CDT (12602 reads)
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Closest Encounter with Jupiter until 2022
Information on the Planet Mars and Space NASA Science News for Sept. 15, 2010
Jupiter and Earth are converging for their closest encounter in more than a decade. Only the Moon itself is outshining the giant planet in the midnight sky, and the view through a telescope is dynamite.

See Full Article at: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/15sep_jupiter/

Posted by eddiew on Wednesday, September 15 @ 15:07:30 CDT (11793 reads)
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Sandtrapped Rover Makes a Big Discovery
Information on the Planet Mars and Space NASA Science News for December 2, 2009

While stuck in a sandtrap, Mars rover Spirit has made a discovery one researcher calls "supremely interesting."

Posted by eddiew on Wednesday, December 02 @ 13:20:05 CST (14208 reads)
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Mars Orbiter Indicates Mars Was Habitable
Information on the Planet Mars and Space The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found an important mineral on the Martian surface that leads researchers to believe the planet once was hospitable to life.

Researchers have collected even more data on the possible existence of water on the Red Planet:  gullies created by flowing water, minerals that can only be created with water, and several ancient lakes on the surface.  Scientists continue to research how and what kind of living things could have lived on Mars.

Posted by eddiew on Friday, December 19 @ 09:36:27 CST (14027 reads)
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Mars Water Discovered, "Tasted" by Lander -- A First
Information on the Planet Mars and Space NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander quenched a longtime scientific thirst yesterday when it detected water in a soil sample—the first time liquid water has been touched or "tasted" on another planet.

"We have water," said William Boynton of the University of Arizona, lead scientist for TEGA.

Posted by eddiew on Friday, August 01 @ 08:36:28 CDT (19240 reads)
(Read More... | Score: 4.44)

Update on Mars Phoenix Lander Scheduled for June 4
Information on the Planet Mars and Space 06.03.08 -- PASADENA, Calif. - NASA and the University of Arizona, Tucson, will hold a televised news briefing on Wednesday, June 4, at 11 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. EDT), to present the latest news from NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander mission, which touched down on the Red Planet on May 25.

Posted by eddiew on Wednesday, June 04 @ 10:38:34 CDT (16226 reads)
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NASA'S Phoenix Retesting Release of Martian Soil
Information on the Planet Mars and Space 06.03.08 -- Engineers and scientists operating NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander decided early today to repeat a practice test of releasing Martian soil from the scoop on the lander's Robotic Arm.

Posted by eddiew on Wednesday, June 04 @ 10:37:14 CDT (10349 reads)
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